250+ Pips/Month FREE After Work Forex Signals From Brad Dixon!

You can try these After Work Signals for $5 for the next 7 days, just make sure that you test them on the demo account thoroughly. At the end of this post, there is a second option as well that you can use to get After Work Signals FREE from 6 months to 12 months. If you are using the above link, you will be purchasing these signals from the clickbank link that means you have got 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. It is always a good idea to test a new service thoroughly on the demo account first. This will save you from a lot of heart burning later on. Since this service also comes with a trade copier. You can install this trade copier on the demo account and make your life much easier. Just do the installation correctly and then let the trade copier copy the signals for one month. After one month, check the performance.

After Work Signals

As you can see, Brad Dixon made a total of 3,640 pips in 2011. If you had used a lot size of 1, this would have meant making $36.4K extra in 2011 without doing anywork. Brad Dixon is making around 250+ pips/month with his After Work Signals. For example, in June 2012, he made 632 pips while in July 2012, he made 268 pips. August 2012 was a bit down. He only made 26 pips while in September 2012, he made 132 pips. August was a difficult month for most pro forex traders and hedge fund managers. Market volatility was very high and most ended up with a negative return. Brad Dixon still managed to stay afloat with 26 pips. If you are interested in making around 250 pips each and every month on autopilot, you can try his After Work Signals. You can take a detailed look at the month by month performance of the After Work Signals that Brad Dixon has posted on his website. Now there is a second option as well if you want to get these After Work Signals FREE!

How To Get After Work Signals FREE?

FREE After Work Signals

If you are not a resident of US, Canada, Turkey or Iran and want to trade with Brad Dixon on autopilot, you can open an account with the FXGM broker. Make a deposit of $250 and get 6 month FREE subscription to the After Work Signals or make a deposit of $300 and get 7 month FREE subscription to the After Work Signals. You can even deposit $500 and get full 1 year FREE subscription to the After Work Signals. Now this FREE subscription comes with the Trade Copier.

Just make sure you email contact@afterworksignals.com before you make a deposit. Once you get the reply from them, make a deposit of $250 or $500 whatever suits you with the FXGM broker and install the trade copier software on your account. Choose the lot size of 0.01. With this lot size setting, even if you lost 500 pips, you are only going to lose $50 so your deposit is safe. This lot size setting is meant to check the performance of the After Work Signals for one to two months. When you have checked that the performance of these signals is quite good, you can safely increase the lot size to say 0.1 or even 1.0 depending on your account equity and risk tolerance level.