3 Basic Trading Strategies: MACD, Candlesticks & News Trading For Beginners Video Tutorial

If you are a beginner forex trader, you should watch this video tutorial on 3 basic trading strategies that always work for the beginners. MACD is a powerful indicator that is extensively used by pro traders alongwith candlesticks. News trading is important. The market moves at the time of news releases. If you can master the skill of news trading, you are all set to make 50-100 pips in just 15-30 minutes daily. This video tutorial teaches the new fade strategy. You must learn this news fade strategy. However, the most important thing for new traders is focus on risk and money management. There will be losing trades. Even pro traders lose. You simply cannot avoid losing. The trick is to use a robust risk and money management system that helps you overcome the loses and keep your account equity growing.


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