After Work Signals From Brad Dixon For 25+ Currency Pairs!

After Work Signals from Brad Dixon is a rock solid forex signals service for those traders who just don’t have the time to trade. After Work Signals are for trading on the higher timeframes.  Most of the forex signal services something like 80-90% focus on trading the intraday charts. How about trading on the higher timeframes like the daily and the 4H charts? You might be thinking that trading signals on higher timeframe charts are less as compared to the intraday charts.

If you want to trade more and burn yourself by overtrading, then try the intraday charts. Trading on the higher timeframe charts like the daily and the 4 hour charts can help you catch some big moves in the market. While on the intraday charts, an average trade can give you a profit of 40-80 pips. On the other hand trading on the higher timeframes, you can make 150+ pips per trade profit on average.

After Work Signals is not a day trading forex signals service for those traders who have all the time in the world. Brad Dixon has specifically started this After Work Signals Service for those traders who don’t have the time to sit in front of their computer screens for hours trading intraday. After Work Signals Service will be sending signals on 25+ currency pairs ensuring that you get enough trading signals.

Unlike other forex signals that are generated through an automated system or a robot, Brad Dixon is going to personally generate After Work Signals using a trading strategy based on Momentum Divergence.  If you want to know more about this strategy, you can take a look at The Pips Kidnapper Strategy by Brad Dixon where he shows you in detail how to trade indicators divergence on price action and grabs upto 700 pips per trade. This trading strategy has a win ratio of 85%. You can learn the Pips Kidnapper Strategy and generate trading signals on higher timeframes yourself. But it will be a good idea to use the After Work Signals from Brad Dixon as well as he is offering his signals for a very low cost!

All you need is 2-5 minutes a day to trade with After Work Signals. You will get trading signals based on the daily chart as well as the 4H chart. Brad Dixon will send you  these daily chart signals a few minutes before 5PM EST or 10 PM GMT as his broker time is GMT+1. On the other hand, the 4 hour chart signals are generated 24 hours a day, so you will be getting them anytime as soon as Brad finds a good trading opportunity on the 4H Charts. After Work Signals will look like this when you open the email:

Subject: New EURUSD Signal

Time: 08:00 am GMT


Direction: Long

Entry: 1.3550

SL: 1.3450

TP: 1.3650

You will get one email about an hour before before the real signals is about to execute. A few minutes before the actual execution, you will get an email with the entry time, currency pair, direction, entry price, stop loss and the take profit target along with the chart image. If there is a need to close the order or move the stop loss later, you can get further update emails.

Testing After Work Signals

As we always point out, testing a new service or a software thoroughly helps in getting familiar with that service or software plus you come to know whether you should risk trading live with them. After Work Signals are rock solid signals. These two months will give you a lot of practice on how to trade with them. You need to develop a habit of keeping a trading journal. This will go a long way in making you a successful forex trader. Always enter the detail of each trade that you make whether on the demo account or the live account in that trading journal. In the long run, you will realize that this can help you further improve the performance of your strategy or system.

You might be wondering what will be the price of these signals. Brad Dixon has priced his After Work Signals for only $8.95 per month. Yes, this is the price of After Work Signals monthly subscription and in addition to that you get no questions asked 8 week money back guarantee period from Brad to test the quality of his signals. What this means is that you can test the quality of these signals RISK FREE for 60 days.

This is what you should do! First test these signals on a demo account for a period of one month. Make a trading journal. Enter the detail of each signal that you demo trade in that trading journal. At the end of the month, do a thorough analysis of the performance of these signals like the win rate, average size of the win, average size of the loss, max drawdown, return made during the month etc.

If you are not satisfied with the performance of these signals, go for a refund. And if you are happy and satisfied with the performance of these signals, open a live account with a deposit of $300 and trade live with these signals for one more month using a lot size setting of 0.01 Lot. At the end of the second month, do an audit of the performance of these signals on the live account for one month. If you are satisfied with one month of live trading with After Work Signals, you can think about trading live with them!