Auto Signals PRO ASP Trade Replicator Service By Gregg White!

Auto Signals PRO is the latest new forex signals and trade replicator service that will be launched on 1st November 2011. Gregg White is the man behind this Auto Signals PRO service. Gregg White has more than 10 years of experience trading stocks, forex, commodities and the derivatives market for hedge funds. Not much is being revealed right now except that Gregg White created a secret hedge fund for private wealthy investors some 18 months ago. The membership requirement for that hedge fund was an investment of over $200k. Gregg White and his Auto Signals PRO team of traders have been making returns like 353.93% in 177 trading days with a monthly average return of 28.42% and a track record of 25 winning weeks with only 1 losing week.

Some five months ago, Gregg White and his team decided to start this Auto Signals PRO Trade Replicator service that will now allow anyone who joins his service to replicate the trades made by Gregg and his team in less than 2 seconds. ASP is a trade replicator software for MT4 platform. Now, ASP is not a robot. All the trades are overseen by Gregg and his team of traders. It is being said that on 1st November, you will get:

1. Triple verified proof of Auto Signals PRO service live trading statements on MT4i

2. Third party verified screenshots of the gross profits and weekly margins

3. Video testimonials of the beta testers of the Auto Signals PRO ASP Trade Replicator Service

Testing Auto Signals PRO

Since not much is being revealed right now, only thing that we can do is wait for a few more days to take a detailed look at the live trading statements posted on MT4i. We will update this post in a few days once we have taken a detailed look at the live performance of Auto Signals PRO service. You should also take a detailed look at the monthly performance of this service plus what was the max drawdown. Since this service is being marketed through plimus, it will have a no questions asked 30 days money back guarantee period. If you get interested, you can try this service for a period of 30 days. In the beginning, demo trade with the signals for a period of two weeks and incase you get good results demo trading, you can open a live mini account with a deposit of $250 and trade with the Auto Signals PRO ASP Trade Replicator using a lot size of 0.01 for a period of two weeks more. On a lot size of 0.01, 1 pip is equal to just $0.1. So, if you lose 200 pips, you will only lose $20. This low risk setting is ideal of testing the quality of a forex signals service in live trading.  Always test a new signals service thoroughly. Past performance is never a guarantee of the future performance so doing your own testing can only reveal the strengths and weaknesses of a signals service. At the end of one month, do a thorough audit of the Auto Signals PRO service and if you don’t get a good performance, simply go for a refund.