Automatic FX Signals By George Johnson!

Automatic FX Signals by George Johnson claims to stack the odds in your favor. Automatic FX Signals will be sent directly to your inbox or your cell phone and can average over 500 pips per day. With Automatic FX Signals, you can start earning as much as $7,624.21 per day. You see, George Johnson has been trading commodity futures for a big firm in Corporate America when he decided to become his own boss. He decided to focus on the forex market. According to George Johnson, his Automatic FX Signals is a system that would let you make the same trades that he makes without any error. With a couple of programmer friends, George Johnson was able to automate his whole system.

Testing Automatic FX Signals

George Johnson has not posted any clear proof of how many pips his Automatic FX Signals make per month. He should have posted the monthly performance of his Automatic FX Signals for the last 6-12 months. This would have given a fair idea of the consistency of this service. But since this is a clickbank product, you can test it safely for two months and if it doesn’t work get a refund. So, the first thing that you need to do is test these signals on your demo account for a period of one month and see the performance. See how many pips were made. But what is more important is how many pips were lost during the month. This will give you an idea of the drawdown that you can expect when trading with these signals.

If it doesn’t make around 1000 pips, simply go for a refund. If you find that this signals service made something like 1000 pips or more in one month, then test it for one more month. This second month will give you an idea as to how consistent this signals service is. If this signals service passes the test for two months, you can think of depositing $500 and using a fixed fractional money management system to trade with these signals. In the beginning, you will trade with a 0.05 lot. Trading with 0.05 lot means 1 pip will be equal to $0.5. So making 1000 pips will double your account to $1000. Once that happens, you can increase the lot size to 0.1. Again making 1000 pips will double this amount to $2000. Now, you will trade with 0.2 lot. But if this Automatic FX Signals Service does not make around 1000 pips, simply go for a refund.