Buy Forex Signals Making On Average More Than 1716 Pips Per Month!

A few weeks back, we had written a post on the Buy Forex Signals Service. Buy Forex Signals are averaging around 1,716 pips per month for the last one year. These are 100% mechanical set & forget signals that had only one drawdown month in 2003. The good thing is that you can automate the whole process of trading with the Buy Forex Signals using their Expert Advisor v1.1. There is a team of 3 college graduates and 15 professional traders who manage these signals. This team started providing trading signals from March 2003 and has now more than 1,200 members worldwide trading with them.

These signals have worked for years but still you must do the testing for one month on your demo account. As this service gives you a trial period of 30 days, you can test drive this signals service and especially the Expert Advisor v1.1 if you are interested in auto trading with these signals. Once demo testing satisfies you on the quality and consistency of these signals, you can think about trading live with them.

How To Turn $1K into $1M Trading With The Buy Forex Signals

Learning how to trade forex manually is a time consuming process that can take months and even years of hard work. But when you trade with a good forex signals provider, you don’t have to make the market analysis yourself. The signals provider does all the hard grunt work. You simply copy the trades. This saves you a lot of your time and if you use the trade copier expert advisor, this will make the whole process almost automated for you.

Now this is a simple plan that can help you turn your $1K into $1M with these signals in a period of less than a year. The most important is the money management system that you will be using while trading with these signals. The good thing is you will be only risking $1000. The best money management system for this trading plan is the Fixed Fractional Money Management System. Fixed Fractional Trade Sizing will allocate more funds to each trade as your account balance increases. This is how it is going to work!

Every 1000 pips that you will make is going to double your account balance. So for the first 1000 pips, you are going to trade with 0.1 Standard Lot or what you call a Mini Lot. 1 pip on a mini lot is equal to just $1. Losing 100 pips is equal to $100 when you trade with a Mini Lot. So this will make your risk low and help you further test the consistency of this signals service plus the Expert Advisor v1.1 with minimal risk. When you have made 1000 pips, this will translate into an account balance of $1000+$1000=$2000.

Once you double your account balance, double the mini lots. This means trading with 2 Mini Lots now. Once again making 1000 pips will double your account balance to $2000+$2*1000=$4000. Once again, double your mini lots meaning every time you double your account balance, you are going to double the number of mini lots that you trade. This is how it will work:

$1000+$1*1000             =   $2,000

$2000+$2*1000            =    $4,000

$4000+$4*1000            =    $8,000

$8000+$8*1000            =  $16,000

$16,000+$16*1000      =   $32,000

$32,000+$32*1000     =    $64,000

$64000+$64*1000      =  $128,000

$128,000+$128*1000=   $256,000

$256,000+$256*1000=   $512,000


These calculations have been made with the assumption of making 1000 pips per month. But if you take a detailed look at the track record of this signals provider, you will observe that this team has been making around 1,716 pips on average per month. So, you will be reaching your goal much sooner. Whatever, in the first few months, you will be trading with Mini Lots. In these months, you can further check the consistency of the Buy Forex Signals. After that you will gradual increase the trade size and start trading with standard lots. After a few months, simply withdraw an amount of $1000 from the account balance, this will ensure that from that point onward you are only trading Buy Forex Signals with pure profits! Good Luck!