Daily Pip Avalanche Signals

A few days back, I came across Richard Harris and his Daily Pip Avalanche Signals Service. Richard Harris has been trading forex for a while now. In the beginning, he was unsuccessful but with a lot of hard work and focus he finally succeeded in developing a system that worked for him. He calls this system exploiting GAPS of Opportunity in the market. Whatever, Richard has posted some stats for his Daily Pip Avalanche Signals:

1. He was able to turn $9,965.00 into a profit of $159,646.09 in a matter of 708 days. This means an account growth of 1,601% in 708 trading days. This overall account growth translates into 12% monthly growth. Now, an account growth of 12% per month is not that bad. When you are trading, don’t look for high returns like 50-100% that come with high risk. Always go for a return that comes with a low risk. If you can achieve an account growth of 12% per month with a risk of 1-2%, I think this should be great.

Most mutual funds give you an annual growth of 12-15% to your investment after deducting the usual fees. Now, compare this with a monthly growth of 12% per month with a low risk of 12% per month. Compound that 12% per month into an annual growth of 144%, now compare this with the 12% annual growth provided by the mutual funds.

2.Richard Harris has also provided a video that shows his CitiFX Pro account where he turns $537,071.00 into $589,446.00 in 11 days. Do the maths, he made $52,375 profit in just 11 days!

Richard has assembled a team of pro traders and is now offering his Daily Pip Avalanche Signals with a Trade Copier EA. He is giving 30 days no questions asked money back guarantee. So, this is what you need to do! Try these Daily Pip Avalanche Signals on your demo account for the next three weeks. Set your risk at 1% and trade with these signals on your demo account for three weeks. After three weeks calculate the gain you made per week. It should be minimum 3%. A gain of 3% per week will translate into a gain of 12% per month. If you get this weekly gain of at least 3% per week with a risk of 1%, good otherwise go for a refund.