Day Trading Forex Signals By Virtus Make Over 5,000 Pips Per Month On Average!

These Day Trading Forex Signals by Virtus Corporation make on average more than 5,000 pips per month which comes out to around 250 pips daily. These Day Trading Forex Signals by Virtus provide day trading signals for the 12 currency pairs EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, EURCAD, EURCHF, EURJPY, EURAUD, USD/JPY, USD/CAD, AUD/USD, USD/CHF, GBP/USD and GBP/JPY. Total pips made on these 12 currency pairs in November 2011 were 6,295 pips. Expect 10-15 trading signals on average per day. Forex day trading is simple but not easy.

One way to learn forex day trading while at the same time make money is to trade with the experienced traders. Instead of spending hours studying the charts and doing your own technical analysis, it is better to simply follow the trading signals provided by experienced traders. Forex day trading signals Live Trading Room provides you the opportunity to learn forex and at the same time make some profit. The team behind these forex signals has been successfully running forex projects since 2005.

These Day Trading Forex Signals by Virtus Corporation are generated using technical analysis combined with clearly defined price action rules and volume spread analysis. These trading signals do not focus on any particular currency pair but rather on the best opportunities these currency pairs offer to make pips daily. You can trade all of them or just a couple of them, it is upto you. You will receive these day trading signals in real time in the Live Trading Room as a member during the NY and the European market sessions. You will get enough time to prepare for the trade when you receive the signal. The trade analysis will provide clear and understandable rules with the stop loss and the take profit levels.

Testing Forex Signals Virtus Corp

Suppose you are a day trader or want to become a day trader, for a small price of $4.95, you can test these forex signals by virtus corp on your demo account. Get 750 pips for $4.95 only! This is what the team behind these forex signals claim. Even if you continue with the membership after three days, you have full 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. So, first test these signals on your demo account for three days. If you get close to 750 pips in three days, you can think about thoroughly testing these forex signals on your demo account for one more month. You can choose 3-4 currency pairs to trade daily or you can even trade all the 12 currency pairs. You don’t need to be sitting in front of your computer. You can use your iPhone or whatever smart phone you have to trade these signals on the go.

It is must that you test these signals on your demo account for a period of full one month before you think of trading live with them. At the end of the month do an audit of the performance of these signals and see what was the win rate and how many pips you bagged during the month plus you must note the max drawdown during the month. You need to note the average size of the stop loss used for each currency pair plus the overall average stop loss size. You must also note the average risk/reward ratio for each currency pair. This analysis will help you a lot in making your decision whether you should test these signals on a live account or go for a refund.

If you don’t get good results, simply go for a refund. Incase you get good results, test these signals more on a live account with a deposit of $1000 for one more month. Use the lot size of 0.01. This way your risk will be minimal. 1 pip will be equal to $0.1. So losing 100 pips means you only lose $10. Your max risk level should not exceed more than 5% with translates into open positions having total stop loss value of 500 pips. This way you will be able to trade most of these currency pairs. If you lose 500 pips, you will only lose $50. Since the signals on average make 250 pips, the probability of losing 500 pips is minimal. Maximum that can happen is that you lose 250 pips on average in a day incase you lose all the trades. So, this lot size setting will ensure that you are trading with these signals with minimal risk.

Trading multiple currency pairs also lowers your risk as the probability of losing all the trades also decreasing when you increase the number of the currency pairs traded. If you make 5,000 pips during the month with signals using the above risk settings, you will be making $500 and your equity will become $1500. This translates into a 50% monthly gain.  Next month, increase the lot size setting to 0.02 lot. If you make 5,000 pips again next month with Forex Signals by Virtus Corp, you will be making $1000 next month and your equity will become $2,500 with low risk settings. Increase the lot size to 0.04 next month, if you make 5,000 pips you will make a profit of $2,000 and your equity will become $4,500.  Next month trade with a lot size of 0.08, your profit will be incase you make around 5,000 pips: $4,000 and your equity will become $8,500. In the fifth month, if you trade with the lot size of 0.16 lot, your profit will be $7,500. In a few months, do your maths and you find that you will be making more than $50K per month with low risk. Just double your lot size setting every month. But first test these Forex Signals by Virtus thoroughly on your demo account for one month!