DreamSphere Trade Copier Making 700 Pips per Month!

DreamSphere Trade Copier is giving 700 pips per month on average. When you install the DreamShphere Trade Copier, your account will be linked to the master account of the DreamSphere team of professional traders. All the trades being made by that team will be automatically copied onto your account. You choose your own risk settings. The pro team uses an auto flow systems that are optimized to initiate the trades. This auto flow system does not use any lagging technical indicators rather it uses a proprietary flow indicator that leads the market with the order flow. You should watch the video that explains this proprietary leading flow indicator.

DreamSphere Trade Copier

There is an overall account manager whose responsibility it is to monitor the drawdown. If the drawdown reaches the maximum level for the week, the account gets automatically shut down and no trades can be initiated until next week. A trade is initiated after a thorough research and analysis. So you don’t have to do any of the market research that can take hours of your precious time daily. Now if you are a new trader, the DreamSphere team will also help you step by step how to do the correct risk and money management for your account. There is a 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee as well so that you can thoroughly test the DreamSphere Trade Copier on your demo account before you risk live trading.