Forex Flash Trading Signals Made 51,000 Pips In 1.5 Yrs!

Forex Flash Trading Signals by Tony Lorentelli made 51,000 pips starting from 2008 to mid 2009. 2008 was an exceptional year. Volatility was high in the market. Every year is not as volatile as 2008. This might had to do with the stock market crash that took place in 2008. So, it maybe Forex Flash Trading Signals only make 15,000 pips in 1 year. But that is not bad either. 15,000 pips in one year if traded on a $1,000 margin translates into $150K in 1 year which is also not bad considering that these signals take not more than 10-20 minutes each day to monitor and trade.These Forex Flash Signals are send around 6 PM EST everyday via email. The signal will give you the buy stop order or the sell stop order alongwith the stop loss order for 4 currency pairs EURUSD, CADUSD, GBPUSD and GBPJPY.

You will need like 5-10 minutes to manually enter the trade which means entering the buy stop order or the sell stop order alongwith the stop loss order for one currency pair. But it doesn’t mean that you will be getting signals for the four pairs everyday. On average you will be making 2.8 trades per pair in one month. Now, once you get the email with the Forex Flash Signal from Toni Lorentelli, you can enter that signal manually into your account till the midnight. But don’t do it after 2 AM EST as a new market session starts around that time that can move the currency pairs mentioned above.

Swing Trading The Daily Charts With Forex Flash Trading Signals

These signals you will enter on the daily chart. Swing trading daily charts don’t need monitoring all day like that you do for the intraday charts. Once, you enter the trade that’s it. Either the trade will get stopped out or it will breakeven. When the trade breakevens, it means it is about to go into a profit. Once the trade goes profitable, you are going to replace the stop loss with a trailing stop. Tony Lorentelli will send you an email when to replace the stop loss with a trailing stop loss. The trade can continue for 2-4 days depending on the market. It can even go to week or more depending on how the market moves.

The trailing stop loss ensures that your profit is locked in and you can accrue more pips as the market moves further. There is no need to worry. Once, the market retraces, the trailing stop loss will be hit and you are out of the market with your profit. So, in essence the trailing stop loss protects your profit once you break even.

How much time you will need to monitor these swing trades on the daily charts? Not more than 15-20 minutes each day. The most important thing is how much risk you take when you trade these Forex Flash Signals. I suggest first test these signals on your demo account for a period of 1 month. Test them thoroughly and see if you are comfortable trading with these signals. Once, you are convinced that these signals are worth trading live with, I suggest don’t take a risk more than 1% of your equity on a single trade in the first few months.

By the way the average winning rate of these Forex Flash Signals is 76%. This is quite good. But once you test them on your demo account, you can calculate this average winning rate again. If you feel not happy with Forex Flash Trading Signals simply get a refund within the first two months.