Forex Income Maximizer is Tom Strignano’s Real Time Education And Forex Signals Service!

Discover Forex Income Maximizer FIM Signals Service by an Ex Chief Bank Trader Tom Strignano. Attend this Forex Income Maximizer FREE FIM Webinar with Tom Strignano that is held every week where he will show you how to take advantage of the current market volatility and pull in as much as 1,244 pips without doing any work and with almost zero risk. This Forex Income Maximizer Strategy has not been shown to any regular trader before and you are going to learn it absolutely FREE on this online content packed webinar with Tom Strignano. This Forex Income Maximizer Webinar is held every week and has only 100 FREE seats. These 100 seats are FREE but are booked on first come, first served basis. So make sure you register for this FREE training webinar this week right now and are not left out!

Forex Income Maximizer is going to be forex mentoring combined with forex signals. Tom Strignano has been trading forex professionally for the last 25 years. He has also worked as the Chief Bank Trader for a number of big banks in NY. He is a self taught forex trader who did not get the chance to go to the university. Being a forex market insider, he has a deep insight into how the interbank market works and how the big dogs in the forex market trade. This insight is something that many pro traders also lack.

Tom Strignano has made a few forex training video that explain the forex golden numbers. This Forex Income Maximizer training video is almost more than one hour and explains how you can use the golden fibonacci levels as hidden triggers to place trades that are synchronized with the big dogs in the forex market. Also don’t forget to watch another one hour of FREE Forex Income Maximizer training on an indicator that Tom calls the Fibonacci Catapult. This Fibonacci Catapult indicator will help you differentiate a false move from a real move. Then there is another very long video that shows in depth, verified proof of how well his Forex Income Maximizer Systems performs in real trading plus there will be a chance to win 3 fully paid scholarships to his Forex Income Maximizer service. Don’t miss the live Q&A webinar that will be hosted by Tom Strignano. Now, in his new Forex Income Maximizer FIM Signals Service, Tom Strignano is going to provide the following services:

1. Tom Strignano’s Real Time Forex Education Plus Forex Signals Service

2. Extra Currencies, Commodities and Trades

3. Access To The Live Trading Rooms That Include The London and the New York Sessions

4. Real Time Training As To Why We Are Making A Trade And Why We Are Not, The Dangers of Overtrading Plus The Need To Look For High Reward Low Risk Trading Opportunities

5. High Velocity Trades Taken By Humans And Not Robots. These High Velocity Trades Will Make 30-80 Pips

6. Core Position Trading System That Makes 7-10 Trades Per Month. Each Trade Seeks To Make Maximum Pips

7. Mirror Trading/ Trade Copier Software

8. A Trend Seeking Position Trading System That Will Look For 500-1000 Pips per Month!

Testing Forex Income Maximizer Signals

Since, the Forex Income Maximizer Signals Service is being provided through the Plimus Vendor System, you can safely test the quality of forex signals by Tom Strignano on your demo account for a period of a few weeks and if you don’t feel satisfied get a refund before the expiry of the first month. Don’t forget to check the quality of the trades using the Forex Income Maximizer trade copier service.