FX Detonator System Has An Average Winrate Of 91.3%

FX Detonator System has been developed by Simon Warner. FX Detonator System is a simple price action based system that identifies the most unique and profitable patterns to make highly accurate trades. FX Detonator System makes on average 91.3% winning trades with an average reward to risk ratio of 3:1.

FX Detonator

As you can see from the above screenshot, this system made 287 pips from one trade that took only 5 minutes to setup. Simon Warner has provided many training and live trade example videos so that you can easily understand how to trade with this system. He has also developed a Trade Assistant TA Software that monitors the charts and there is no need to sit infront of the charts. The TA will give a sound as well a popup alert when there is a high probability trade setup.

The other system that is being given by Simon Warner is the Scalper Mastery X Forex System. This is a very powerful, safe and a highly profitable scalper system that makes instant pips whenever you want. It also comes with a TA software that does the monitoring. So when there is a high probability trade setup, you get a signal automatically. There is no black box approach. Everything is explained in detail so that you understand the principles behind both the systems.  For a small price you can download both the systems and test them thoroughly on the demo account. Make sure you make 30-50 trades on the demo account with each system before you take the risk of trading live with it.  Below is a screenshot of Scalper Mastery X System in action.

Scalper Mastery X Forex System