FX Profits Magnet Strategy Made Over $1.75 Million For Hedge Fund Trader Joel Thompson

FX Profits Magnet strategy has been developed by a hedge fund trader Joel Thompson. Joel Thompson claims that his FX Profits Magnet Strategy made over $1,750,000 for him. Take a look at the following screenshot of how much gain this strategy made for Joel Thompson.

FX Profits Magnet

As you can see from the above screenshot this strategy made a whopping 8838% gain. Joel Thompson has explained his strategy in detail in an eBook that you can download instantly. He explains¬† the hidden logic behind this strategy that makes it profitable. He has also developed a FX Profits Magnet Trade Assistant Software. This TA software practically automates this strategy for you. With this TA installed on the charts, you don’t need to monitor it. When there will be a high probability trade, this TA will send you an alert. You can check the trade setup and make your decision whether to enter the trade or not. Download this FX Profits Magnet Strategy eBook, go through it and then install the TA and test this strategy on the demo account for 1 month. Make at least 30-50 trades with it and see what is the winrate of this strategy. If you think this is not a good strategy, you can always ask for a refund.