FXRogue MetaTrader 4 Trading APP That Makes A 25-30% Monthly Gain!

This FXRogue MetaTrader 4 Trading APP is going to automatically connect your trading account with a forex trader who simply calls himself the Rogue Trader. Basically this is another forex signals mirror trading service. Using this FXRogue Trading APP expect to make between 25-30% monthly gain on average. The Rogue Trader has posted his Alpari UK live account statement that shows a profit of $383,032.36 in just 41/2 months of this year. He has also posted his HSBC bank account statement showing a deposit of $14,290,940.02 (almost $15 million).

According to this trader, with his FXRogue Trading APP, you don’t need any trading experience plus you don’t need a big trading account to start with. His advice is to start small and consistently make 25-30% gain per month on average and build your account. FXRogue is a breakthrough metatrader app that will automatically allow traders to execute the same winning trades that this trader and his team will be making on their own accounts.

With this trading app, you will be receiving automatically trades from the FXRogue team trading account and you will have the option to approve any and all trades. Expect to make a profit of 25-30% per month on average with this basic FXRogue APP. But if you want to increase the profit level to 45-50% per month, you can try the FX Rogue Diamond Accelerated Level Membership. And if you want even more, FX Rogue Profit Optimizer Software will boost the trade accuracy by upto 30% automatically and also maximize the returns and minimize the risk by using a sophisticated money management system.

Testing FXRogue Trading APP

The only way to know whether this FX Rogue trading app is going to work for you is to test it yourself.  You have got 60 days no questions asked money back guarantee meaning you can test it thoroughly for a period of two months. First demo trade with this app for a period of one month and see if it’s performance is indeed what is being claimed meaning whether this service make for you a profit of 25-30% per month. If you don’t get satisfactory results get a refund. And if you get satisfactory results on the demo account, open a mini account with a deposit of $250 and trade live with this APP using a lot size of 0.01. On a lot size of 0.01, 1 pip is equal to $0.1 so you can safely test this app for one more month.

Testing on a live account is a must because on a demo account, you don’t get slippage and re-quotes. By trading live using a small deposit you can test it more and see if the trades get executed properly. Using a lot size of 0.01 means even if you lose 300 pips trading with this app, you will be only losing $30. So, with this lot size settings you can test with a minimal risk. Once you have tested the app, if you are satisfied increase the deposit to $1K and if you are not not satisfied with FXRogue, simply get a refund.