FXStreme Forex Trading Signals Cornering Extreme Pivot Points In Forex For Maximum Gain

FXStreme Forex Trading Signals may not be for you especially if you are a new forex trader. FXStreme Forex Signals are provided by Tony Lorentelli, our friend. I hope you have read my post on his Forex Flash Trading Signals where Tony provides swing trading signals on the daily charts. In this case, Tony will be sending you signals that trade the extreme pivot points! Tony says that he was able to make 45,000 pips in just 1 year trading with this method! Now, if you had traded 1 contract, 45,000 pips means $450K in 1 year and if you had traded 10 contracts, it would have meant $4.5 million.

What the Turtles showed is that what counts is your NET PROFIT in the end. In simple terms, if the trading system makes more winning trades and less losing trades with the average size of the winning trades larger than the losing trades, then your system is going to be profitable in the long haul. So, if a forex signals service can make more pips in one month than lose, you will still end up in profit. What you need to do is find those signals providers who make consistent NET PROFIT month after month and you will never lose money trading forex.

How FXStreme Forex Signals Work?

The idea behind using a forex signals provider is that you don’t have to waste a lot of your time doing the market research. The signals provider does the research and alert you when he finds a high probability trading opportunity. What you need to do is take it from there. So, if you want to learn how to trade like a pro trader than you can try these FXStreme Signals by Tony on your demo account and see if these signals are easy to trade. Pivot Points are used by most of the commercial traders in the market or what you call the Big Dogs. Pivot Points are used in almost all markets whether it is forex, futures, stocks, commodities, ETFs, bonds and other markets. Pivot Points are considered to be leading indicators unlike most of the other indicators that are lagging in nature. Markets seem to respect these pivot points.

This is how FXStreme Forex Signals work! You enter the market with a very low calculated risk using extreme pivot points with the hope of making a big home run. Let the trade mature while you respect the stop loss point. If the price movement is dramatic, you lock in the profits. And if a trend develops, you ride the trend as long as you can. The trade can last from two weeks to two months. The longer the trade, the more pips you are going to make. The idea is to enter with low risk and try to win big as often as possible. Now, these FXStreme Signals don’t take more than 15 minutes to trade. You get the trading idea via email alert. You open the charts, study the idea and if you like it enter into a trade. You can trade from home, you can trade while playing golf. This is the beauty of FXStreme Forex Signals!