Genuine FX Profits System Making 6.98% Return Daily

Genuine FX Profits System is making on average $2,745 daily on average for Louis Anthony. Louis Anthony has posted the myfxbook screenshot of his account that shows a daily gain of 6.98% being made by his Genuine FX Profits System. Below is a screenshot of how much Louis Anthony claims to have made with his Genuine FX Profits System!

Genuine FX Profits

Genuine FX Profit is a package of 2 system. The main system is a powerful trend following system that use the concept of support and resistance to identify the best stops and profit targets. Below is a screenshot of the main Genuine FX Profits System in action.

Genuine FX Profits

The second system in the package is the Forex Trend Killer System. Just as the name suggests this system is a powerful system that hunts the waves in the market. Both the systems come with a trade assistant TA software that makes it easy to trade with them. This TA software automatically monitors the charts and gives an alert when there is a high probability trade setup. So the trader does not need to monitor the charts continuously. The TA software once installs does the monitoring. When it gives an alert, the trader only needs to check whether this is a valid setup or not. If it is not a valid setup, the trader should skip the signal. Everything has been explained in detail in the manual that comes with the package.