Hedge Fund Copier By Samuel Cohen And Bill Matthews!

You need to watch this Hedge Fund Copier Video by Bill Matthews that reveals how the Forex Funds and the Big Banks are always stealing money away from you even when you have a good trading system and your market predictions are correct. Stop loss hunting is one of the major pass time of these big boys. This is done at your expense. Suddenly a price spike will appear and you will be out of the market. Bill Mathews is a 22+ year forex insider and finally he has come up with the solution in the shape of his Hedge Fund Copier Software.

Hedge Fund Copier Software 

Hedge Fund Copier is a trade alert and market notifications software. Suppose, you have been trading for a while. Suddenly you find that the EURUSD pair moves 160 pips in a matter of an hour. You don’t have a clue how did it happened. Why? Because you are not an insider. This Hedge Fund Copier will give you that insider information because the man behind this Hedge Fund Copier Software will alert you maybe hours or even days before this move happens as to in which direction the money will flow and how this is going to move the EURUSD pair soon. Following the trails of smart money is what the savvy investors do. Now, with this software, you will be able to follow the trail of the smart money and know precisely in which direction the market is going to move in the next few days. Imagine having your own crystal ball?

Hedge Fund Copier Trade Alert Signals Plus Stop Hunting Alerts

Hedge Fund Copier is also going to give you trade alert signals on the 5 Minutes, 4 hours and the daily timeframes. Now these can be scalping trade alert, price action trade alert, short term trade alert, long term trade alert or a daily price movement trade alert. You can decide which trade alert to use and which one to pass!

Stop hunting is the favorite hobby of the hedge funds and big banks. You have placed a stop loss. Suddenly, you find a price spike that trips your stop loss and takes you out of the market. After that to your shock you find that the price starts to move back in the direction in which it had been moving before your stop loss was tripped. This will happen often!

How do you avoid it? Now with this Hedge Fund Copier you will get an alert before this happens so that you can take precautionary evasive action. In a way, you will get all the inside information that you have been missing till now with this new software developed by Bill Matthews, a 22+ years insider! There are many amazing features that we have missed out. Watch this shocking Hedge Fund Copier Video just now!