How To Get More Than A 100 Pips Per Trade Video Tutorial

Making 100 pips per trade with low risk is a good idea. If you can make 100 pips per trade, you are on your way to make 1000+ pips per month. Once you find a 100 pips per trade forex strategy, just practice it on the demo account until you master. Once you master the 100 pips per trade forex strategy, start trading live with it. Watch this video also that gives a strategy to make 100-800 pips per trade.

After watching the above video you should get a fair idea of how this strategy works. The video explains everything that you need to know about this strategy. Now you cannot predict how much the price is going to move. It can move 100 pips. It can move 200 pips. It can move 400 pips. It can even move 800 pips. But the probability of it moving 800 pips is much lower than the probability of it moving 200 pips. So always use a realistic profit target. If you want to make 800 pips, you will have to keep the trade open for many days which can be weeks as well. During this time, anything can happen and you never know if you will ever achieve your profit target.

So what to do? As said above keep you profit target realistic. Go for a 200 pip trade. 200 pips profit target is easy to achieve. Once you learn this strategy, you can work on making the entry and exit less risky. You should work on making the entry less risky. This means the stop loss should be less than 20 pips. You can use candlestick patterns on reducing the risk. Take profit target should be 100 pips or 200 pips.

Do the testing and see which target level has more chance of getting hit. For example on H4 timeframe, 200 pips profit target can be a good target which has a high chance of getting hit. But on H1 timeframe, you will need to lower the profit target to 100 pips as it has got more chances of getting hit. A 200 pip move may be difficult to catch on H1 timeframe. Did you check our Fuzzy Logic For Traders Course? In this course we teach how you can use fuzzy logic in your trading. Fuzzy Logic is something you should learn. It can help improve your trading a lot. When trading always make sure you keep the risk as low as possible. Risk management is the most important thing in trading. Ignore it at your own peril!