Interview With Jarratt Davis #2 Ranked Forex Trader In The World By Barclays

Becoming a successful forex trader is not an easy task. It needs a lot of determination and patience plus of course good luck. But keep this mind, good luck always favors hard work. This is precisely the story of Jarrat Davis who started his career as a window washer and now he has been ranked as #2 forex trader in the world by Barclays.  Jarrat Davis says he quit forex trading several times and came back again. He unique style of trading uses fundamental analysis a lot. Watch this video interview also!

How do you get ranked #2 in the world by Barclays? You get ranked very high like Jarrat Davis when you show consistent performance again and again over the years. Barclays must have had verified his trading performance spread over many years. What this means is that he is a real deal and what he teaches can help you a lot in  your trading. As said above Jarrat Davis uses fundamental analysis a lot in his trading decisions. You can also watch this 1 hour video also in which he explains how to use fundamental analysis in making trading decisions!

When you trade forex, you need inspiration. Jarrat Davis is a good inspiration for those traders who are still struggling. As said above he started as a window washer. He did not get good education. He learned forex trading on his own which most traders try to do but give up when they find the road tough.