ITM Financial System Forex Social Signals With 60-70% Accuracy!

ITM Financial System Forex Social Signals have a win rate of 60-70%. Can you believe this that today the greatest source of forex trading signals is the social media sites Facebook and Twitter. Daily there are thousands of tweets about the upcoming trades as well as facebook wall messages suggesting new trades. Thousands of professional forex traders are daily tweeting their trades in real time. What this ITM Financial System software engine does is scans all these facebook wall updates as well as tweets checks for specific trends and patterns and then issues a forex social signals alert.

Now ITM Finanical System Forex Social Signals provide you with the exact entry and exit prices as well as the stop loss and the limit points. Now these prices are derived after analyzing hundreds of thousands of forex traders discussing their upcoming trades on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, News Sites, Chatrooms and more. The success rate of the Forex Social Signals generated by the ITM Financial System is between 60-70% as said above. Alongwith the Forex Social Signal, you will get a chart that will explain why this particular move is being predicted.

As always the test of a pudding lies in eating it. If you get interested, you can test these ITM Financial System Forex Social Signals on your demo account. There is 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee so there is nothing to lose. Test these forex social signals on your demo account and if you find the performance to be good, you can think about trading live with these social signals. Always make it a practice of testing any new forex signals service on the demo account thoroughly before you think of trading live with them. The most important parameters that you need to note is overall win rate of the trades, the number of pips made per winning trade on average, the number of pips lost on average per losing trade. The max drawdown and the total pips made during the month. Incase you don’t find the performance of these ITM Financial Forex Social Signals social signals to be good, you can always get a refund.