London Open Breakout Forex Strategy Video Tutorials

London Open is an important time in the currency market. London is still the biggest currency market center. When the London Market Open takes place massive currency orders are placed by the banks. Mostly these orders revolve around GBP, USD and EUR. With these massive orders market becomes highly volatile and shoots up or down depending whether the order is buy or sell. This volatility is what pro traders are waiting for to make pips.

You just need to master how to trade GBP/USD and GBP/JPY at the time of London Open and that’s it. If you can successfully able to trade both these pairs, you are all set to make 50-100 pips in just 1-2 hours time each and every trading day. Of course you can only trade the London Open if you live in a suitable timezone. For example where we live London Open takes place around 12 PM in the afternoon. This time is ideal for us. We can wake up and do our daily analysis and be ready to trade the London Open at this time. Watch this video tutorial on how to trade the London Open Breakout by Hector DeVille.

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