News Trade Sniper Signals Service, Live Trading Room And Automated Spike Trading Tool!

News Trade Sniper team of two pro traders specialize in trading the news events. Ever heard of News Spike Trading? A spike occurs when the price reacts on the release of a news event like the NFP Report. This spike usually lasts for a short time after which it subsides as the market absorbs the unexpected in the news release. Spike trading means trading this spike that occurs at the news release. Sometime the price moves too far too fast and it become very difficult to trade the news manually. Let’s be clear! News trading is not easy.

Many traders try to trade the news, get burned and then stay away from the market at the time of the scheduled news release. As a news trader, you need to be very fast. Faster than what is humanly possible. The good news is that there are traders who have tamed news trading. There are news traders who make hundreds of pips in just minutes on most news events while most traders stay on the sidelines when the news event is released. If you can learn news trading, you can make hundreds of pips in matter of minutes.

News Trade Sniper News Spike Trading Strategy Video

News Trade Sniper Team has a live trading room where they teach how to trade the news. You must watch this News Trade Sniper video where they show how they do it. The trick lies in news spike trading. This is how the news traders make pips in a fast moving market. In the News Trade Sniper Live Trading Room, you will get access to an Automated Spike Trading Tool that will help you trade news spikes in an almost automatic fashion. Without this Automated Spike Trading Tool, it is humanely impossible to enter and exit the spike trades. This Automated Spike Trading Tool will automatically click buy/sell within milliseconds of the news release so you don’t have to do anything when the news release takes place. Alongwith the Automated Spike Trading Tool, there will be 35 News Trade Sniper live webinars on average in a month where you will be able to learn how to trade the news live.

There are dozens of key economic news releases scheduled in a month. The market shows a strong reaction whenever the economic news release data deviates from the forecasted figure. The most important of course is the NFP news release. If you are trading USD related currency pairs, you need to master how to trade the NFP report release. Then there are news events related to GBP, CAD and other important currencies scheduled across the month, so you get plenty of opportunity to trade the news during the month. The important thing is to trade the news correctly. This is where you can learn a lot by joining the News Trade Sniper Live Trading Room.

News Trade Sniper Signals Service Is Based On Long Term Swing Trading

News Trade Sniper has a signals service as well named Swing Trade Elite. The signals are generated using a long term swing trading strategy. There are two levels when you join this service;

1. News Trade Sniper Membership: This monthly membership will give you full access to the live trade room with the automated spike trading tool and the signals service that are based on long term swing trading.

2. News Trade Sniper Ultimate PRO: If you are interested in one-on-one coaching by the pro traders, you can try this one.

News Trade Sniper team of two pro traders has been trading the news events for the last two years with a gain of 322.58% and 24 consecutive months of profits. You should watch this New Trade Sniper Trading Strategy videos where these two traders reveal their news spike trading strategies. If you are interested in news trading, you can try this News Trade Sniper service. First test drive the automated spike trading tool on your demo account to see how it works. If you get good results, you can open a mini account with a deposit of $250 and trade the news event live with a lot size setting of 0.01 lot. This way even if you lose 200 pips in a news event release, you will only be losing $20. See, how this automated spike trading tool works on a live account. The most important thing is the win rate when using this automated spike trading tool. If you get good results, you can think about trading with a bigger account size. Always make it a rule to test a new trading strategy thoroughly first on a demo account and then on a live mini account before you think of trading the News Trade Sniper signals service with a deposit like $1K.

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  • chris

    February 3, 2012

    I Joined yesterday and still waiting for log in details.

    Thinking this is a scam and no such service. Sent 5 emails and not one response.