Pip Accumulator Signals Software Turns $5K into $86K in 6 Months For Amy Kimble!

Pip Accumulator Software turned $5,000 in Amy Kimble’s account into $86,354.06 in around 6 months. See how Pip Accumulator turns $5000 account turns in to $86,354 in LESS than 6 months…with 3rd party verified proof! Amy Kimble isn’t a trading genius. In fact, she might not even be a particularly good trader at all. What she’s got going for her is determination and tenacity. She’s sitting at the top of the forex mountain today because she saw an opportunity and took it! What am I talking about? Watch this Pip Accumulator video where Amy tells you her forex trading experience!

Pip Accumulator is the same trading software that banks are using to make millions of dollars every single day. Today, you’re getting the chance to get your very own copy of this trading app. Watch the presentation and see the no B.S. – no hype approach to automated FOREX!

Testing Pip Accumulator Trade Copier Software

Amy Kimble says she now has over $340,000 of real spendable cash in just one of her bank account after 18 months of trading with the Pip Accumulator Software! Now, will this forex software work for you? You never know until and unless you check it thoroughly. So, this is what you need to do! Test it on your demo account for a period of one month. As Pip Accumulator has got a 60 days no questions asked money back guarantee, you can safely do that and if you don’t get good results go for a refund.

Live Trading With Pip Accumulator Signals Software

If you get good results in forward testing, open a micro account with $250 deposit and trade live with Pip Accumulator Robot. On a micro account, 1 pip is equal to $0.1 only. So, your risk will be reduced by 1/100 as compared to trading on a standard account. Losing 100 pips on a micro account means losing only $10 as compared to losing $1000 on the standard account. So, in the extreme case the worst that can happen to you is losing your $250 micro account deposit while trading with this signals software. Trade using the Pips Accumulator Signals on your micro account for a period of at least one month. Once, you get good results on the micro account, you can think of trading live on a standard account with the Pip Accumulator!