Pips Multiplier Signals Service By Martin Foster

I came across this Pips Multiplier Signals Service by a trader Martin Foster just a few days back. Pips Multiplier seems to be another new forex signals service launch. Not much is being revealed about the PipsMultiplier Service right now. In the next few days, you will see the PipsMultiplier Signals being traded LIVE on video! You will also be able to download 2 FREE forex systems which boosts the same strategies that veteran forex trader Martin Foster behind this new signals service uses! The good thing about this new launch is that there are no tall promises being made.  So, this is what you will get when this new forex signals service is going to be launched in the next few days:

Main Product Pips Multiplier
Auto Pips Multiplier Pro
Protege Program
Pips Maker Ultra
Advanced Hyper Trader

Pip Multiplier Trading System Live Results

Now, live trading results for the Pip Multiplier Hyper Trader System have been posted on the MyFXBook.com. I don’t know whether this is a manual system or an automated system. However, if you take a detailed look at those results you will observe a few things:

Gain: +355.9%
Abs. Gain: +355.9%
Daily: 10.78%
Monthly: 321.39%
Drawdown: 33.91%
Balance: $227.95
Equity:(104.65%) $238.55
Highest: (Jul 25) $245.35
Profit: $177.95
Interest: -$0.94
Deposits: $50.00
Withdrawals: $0.00

This system has a drawdown that is way too high in my opinion. Drawdown should be less than 10% for a system. As I have always said what matters is the average size of the win compared to the average size of the loss in the long haul if you want the system to be profitable. If you further look at the average win, it is only 13.47 pips or $5.77 and compare this to the average loss of 32.10 pips or $11.64. However, daily gain of 10.78% is not bad! It seems that the Pip Multiplier Trading System will be volatile. The standard deviation of $12.98 indicates towards this fact.

Testing The Pips Multiplier Signals

Whatever, there is no harm in testing this Pips Multiplier System. You will be getting a chance for a courtesy trial. So, you won’t have to pay anything. You can test this new service for the period of the courtesy trial. You don’t have to test everything. Just test the main Pips Multiplier Signals Service. But if the courtesy trial period is only 7 days or 14 days and you want to test the service for at least one month, I thing you can do that. Since, this service is being marketed through the Plimus Vendor System, you can rest assure of a 30 days money back guarantee. Just test this new signals service for three weeks on your demo account and see how well it performs. If you don’t get good results, simply get a refund from the Pips Multiplier Signals Team!