Rapid Forex Profits Signals Service By Robert Carslake Made 1303 Pips In 1 Day!

Rapid Forex Profits is a new forex signals by Robert Carslake. Robert Carslake says his Rapid Forex Profits system has got a win rate of over 95%. He made 1303 pips in just 1 day trading with Rapid Forex Profits System that translating into a profit of $13,300 trading only 1 lot. According to Robert Carslake, there are three type of forex traders. The first one have a god given talent for trading the forex market. The second type of forex trader is the one who had worked hard and gotten lucky with effort and determination. The third and the last type of forex trader is the one who follows and benefits from the intelligence of the first two type of fx traders. These are the products included in the RFP service:

Rapid Forex Profits Service
Rapid Forex Club
Auto RFP
RFP Silver

Rapid Forex Profits is precisely that. It will give you the chance to trade with Robert Carslake and copy his exact trades the moment he makes them. Now, Robert Carslake trades all currency pairs and says that his most profitable days were when he traded the exotic pairs. He has posted his 9 months trading performance in 2011. His monthly gain was 28.49% and the drawdown was 17.13%. This is what you will get when you join the Rapid Forex Profits main service:

1. An Automatic Trade Copier
2. SMS Alerts
3. Email Alerts
4. Private Members Area
5. All Currency Pair Trades
6. Entry Price, Stop Loss And The Take Profit Targets

The Rapid Forex Profits Automatic Trade Copier software will let you connect your MT4 account with Robert Carslake account. So, everytime he makes a trade that trade will be mirrored onto your MT4 account. All you will need to do is to approve that trades. Rapid Forex Profits is a total plug and play system that you will love. In the Private Members Area, you will get complete information on the trading strategy used behind the Rapid Forex Profits System, market news, trading tools and more. Robert Carslake will be trading almost all the currency pairs as said above that includes the exotics. He will send you at least two trade alerts daily.

Testing Rapid Forex Profits Service

Always remember to test a new signals service thoroughly on your demo account. Since, Robert Carslake is giving 60 days no questions asked money back guarantee period, you can safely test Rapid Forex Profits service. First do one month of demo trading using this service and then in the second month, open a mini account with a deposit of $250 and do further testing with a lot size of 0.01. At the end of two months, do a performance audit of this signals service and see how good is the quality of signals. If you don’t get a good performance in two months, simply get a refund on Rapid Forex Profits.


  • Steve

    October 29, 2011

    Let’s see some reviews from people who are signed up and using Robert Carslake”s service.

  • trader234

    October 30, 2011

    I got Rapid Forex Profit product for 77 dollars over the weekend . I was given this offer when i was about to leave their sales page . There is not much info on the members page. Just account info and signals tables. Much less than what i expected. Also they give you the investor password to verify their account on MT4. i couldnt login to this account as the MT4 platform says its a Invalid account. Also after the initial buy they try to sell you some club membership for $ 297 and a Robot for $76 . In summary it has all the signs of scam. I will trade with their signals for a week and see how it goes.

  • gizmo

    November 1, 2011

    I have purchased the Rapid Forex Profits by Robert Carslake and i am very much dissapointed with it. Its a SCAM . I felt very bad falling to this SCAM and i dont want it to happen to anyone else. I cant understand how someone can speak such ballatant lies .
    I believe its a scam because of the following reasons.
    1) You dont get what promised for in the sales page. Its after the purchase that you realise that you would only be getting the price signals and nothing else. You would be asked to pay another 297 to get exclusive forex club membership and another 76 dollars for their forex bot. These are optional though.
    2) The investor password they give dosent work.
    3) The members page is crap . It dosent give any strategy for the price selection. More over i didnt get signals since i purchased the product.
    4) Worst of all they never respond to your emails. (which is what infuriated me the most)
    I am left in dark . I am on my way requesting the refend which i hope , i will get.
    My suggestion is to stay away from this guy . He is a pure scam artist.


    December 14, 2011


    Dear Mr. Carslake,

    I have told you many times already, and do not want to drag this
    matter any further.

    I do not need any more time, nor do I want to try your system anymore,
    as I do not have any funds left in my trading account, which is now
    closed. This I have mentioned many times which seems to be falling on
    deaf ears, or is it that you just want to get out of your commitments.

    I do not need your guarantees, all i need is your confirmation that I
    have got a full refund for $97.00 X 2 payments, and that no further
    payments will be deducted in the future.

    I really cannot make myself any clearer than this.

    What is so difficult to understand.

    I am at a lost as to why this matter cannot be settled, since you
    offered a sixty day money back iron clad guarntee, (as quoted on your
    website) and now you seem to be dis-honoring your comitment, by my
    hard earned $194.00 ($97.00 X 2).

    I am expecting this matter to be closed by today.

    Awaiting your reply,

  • get

    August 19, 2012

    how to get your investor login to be sure of profits?