Sniper FX Signals

Sniper FX Signals by Mr. John Seely, a professional forex trader were launched sometimes back in 2010. John Seely has been trading forex for 15 years now. Infact he claims to be a forex millionaire. Subscribing to the Sniper FX Signals will allow you to get the actual trades that John Seely makes. Since last year, more and more pro traders have started offering their forex signals. It seems that the days of forex robots are almost over and the days of these forex signals services are in now. Trading with signals is an easy way to make money in the forex market. Learning how to trade with forex signals can skip years of training that involves learning how to read charts as well as staring at computer screens to find high probability trade setups. It can take years of hard work to become a professional trader.

But you don’t need to do any complicated market analysis or stare for hours on the charts waiting for a high probability trade setup to appear on your monitor when you trade with forex signals. All these things are done by the pro trader and his team. With the signals, you just get the currency pair, entry, exit and the stop loss. That’s it! Now, the problem comes in finding a good forex signals service that does work for you. All signals providers make tall claims. These claims need to be taken with a pinch of a salt. What you need to check when joining a new forex signals service is that it has got at least two months money back guarantee. This way, you can thoroughly test the signals service for a period of two months and if it doesn’t work, simply get a refund. Now, this FX Sniper Signals comprises of the following products:

Main Product
Sniper FX Signals Service

Advanced Signals Service with more currency pairs
Sniper FX Robot

Testing The FX Sniper Signals Service

So, the first thing that you need to check is the money back guarantee. This service is hosted by Clickbank that gives an iron clad 60 days money back guarantee. You can rest assured that this money back guarantee will be honored. So, you can try this signals service RISK FREE for 60 days. When you login into the members area first take a detailed look at the past performance. Once satisfied with the past performance, you can test these signals on your demo account for a period of one month. If you find these FX Sniper Signals to be easy to trade, open a mini account and trade with these signals live. On a mini account, 1 pip is equal to $1. So even if you use a stop loss of 100 pips (never use such a wide stop loss), it means a loss of $100 only on hitting the stop loss as compared to the standard account where you lose $1000 in case of a 100 pip loss. If you don’t like the Sniper FX Signals , simply go for a refund within a period of 2 months!