Stealth Forex Signals By Scott Robinson Who Makes $2 Million Per Year!

Stealth Forex Signals are by Scott Robinson, a professional forex, stocks and futures trader for more than 20 years. Scott Robinson lives in Macclesfield, Cheshire, United Kingdom. Scott Robinson claims that his Stealth Forex Signals are foolproof forex trading signals that can make you $2 million per year in just 2 minutes a day. With his Stealth Forex Signals software, you can also start getting automatic signals when to enter into a trade and when to exit that trade. So using this Stealth Forex Signals software you will be able to piggyback the trades that a millionaire forex trader Scott Robinson uses to make his living. This is what you will be getting:

Stealth Forex Signals Software
Stealth Forex Signals Pro Version
Stealth Forex Signals Robot

Stealth Forex Signals Software is the main product while the other two are upgrades that you can try if you want to. There is a 60 days no questions asked money back guarantee period with these Stealth Forex Signals software. So, if you get interested in testing this signals service, first test it on your demo account for a period of 1 month. At the end of the month do an audit of the performance of these signals and see how much return you made, what was the percentage of winning trades and what was the average size of the winning trade plus what was the max drawdown.

If you get good results on the demo account, you must further test these signals on the live account because good performance on the demo account is no guarantee that these signals are going to work in live trading. Different brokers offer different quotes, the spreads vary from broker to broker, the execution time also varies etc. A trade that might get executed on the demo account maynot get executed on the live account. There are many unknown variables that you can only know by testing these signals on the live account.

For live testing, open a mini account with a deposit of $300. Use the lot size setting of 0.01 lot. With this lot size settings, 1 pip will be equal to $0.1, so even if you lose 500 pips with these signals, you will only be losing $50. Now, suppose these signals worked well on the demo account but when you switch to the live account, these signals start failing. Check the MT4 log files and see the execution time of the different orders. It might be that you need a different broker. Whatever, after two months of testing, you can make a well informed guess about these Stealth Forex Signals whether you want to trade live with them or you want a refund.