StrategyQuant EA Analyzer V.2

StrategyQuant EA Analyzer V.2 is for experienced forex traders who have a manual strategy or an automated strategy and they want to do the backtesting and compute the different advanced stats.  StrategyQuant EA Analyzer v.2 is a simple tool that imports your MT4 backtesting reports or trading reports and computes advanced statistics like Sharpe ratio, periodical performance (by hour, day, day of week, month, etc.), strategy stagnation time, and much much more. If you are interested you are take a detailed look at this StrateggyQuant EA Analyzer v.2.StrategyQuant EA Analyzer v.2

Before you start trading with real money, you should thoroughly test your trading strategy. This StrategyQuant EA Analyzer v.2 will help you answer the following questions:

  •     What is the “quality” of the strategy? How does it compare to another strategy you backtested?
  •     What are the best / worst days of week to run this strategy?
  •     How much the startegy makes monthly or yearly on average?
  •     What is the longest period the strategy stagnated before growing to more profits?
  •     How will your strategy perform in a portflio with other EAs?

And if you already have a trading strategy that is working for you, you can use this simple tool to further optimize and improve your trading strategy.