The Best Forex Signals| Buy Forex Signals via SMS sends signal alerts that are set and forget. You will get signals for the three pairs EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/CHF at 5:00 AM EST with the precise entry, exit and the stop loss. You will just need to login to the Buy Forex Signals members area at this time to get the signals and then place the orders for these three pairs with your broker. You can even place all the orders in advance for the next day.  No further intraday instructions are needed as the trades are set and forget. The Best Forex Signals past performance has been quite good averaging around 1600 pips per month:

June 2011                   1,619
May 2011                    2,022
April 2011                    2,340
March 2011                 1,927
February 2011            1,806
January 2011              1,609
December 2010          1,473
November 2010          1,607
October 2010             1,346
September 2010         1,222
August 2010               1,240
July 2010                    1,710

The good thing about the Best Forex Signals is that they have a 100% set & forget mechanical trading system that does not need monitoring. You will just need a few minutes around 5:00 AM EST to enter the signals for the days. That’s it! After that these trades are set & forget.

The Best Forex Signals System

The Best Forex Signals team comprises of 5 members who have been trading since 2003. They have now more than 1200 people around the world who trade using these signals. The system that they have developed is 100% mechanical and set & forget. They use a number of tools to generate the signals. These tools include support and resistance, volume indicators, Bollinger Bands, volatility and momentum plus candlesticks.

This proprietary support/resistance system uses the volatility of the previous day. The system generates high probability entry points for the next trading day based on the previous trading day. These signals are 100% mechanical with no subjective criteria to follow. So, you don’t need to use any complicated technical indicators. You will just get specific price levels and there is no need to check the intraday movements of these pairs. The past performance shows that these signals give stable results and low drawdowns.

The good thing when using these signals is that you don’t have to do all this stuff.  You just get the entry, exit and the stop loss for the three pairs. Once you enter the orders in advance, they are set and forget. So, you don’t have to do any complicated market analysis. Everything is done for you by these 5 pro traders.

Testing The Best Forex Signals

You can test the Best Forex Signals RISK FREE for 30 days on your demo account. Testing any new forex signals service is a must. Make this your rule! Never make the mistake of trading live with a new and untested forex signals provider no matter how good the past performance. You should test these signals on your demo account for a few weeks to see if these signals are easy to trade and really set & forget. Once you are satisfied with these signals on the demo account, you can trade live with them. Now, you should trade the three pair with a risk of 1% each. This will make your total risk 3%. A risk level between 2-5% is acceptable. Don’t take more risk than this! Good Luck!