Tick Data Suite For Professional Forex Traders

If you are interested in performing 99% modelling quality backtest of your trading strategy than you need this Tick Data Suite. The regular backtesting done on MT4 has a modelling quality of 90% which is not sufficient when you are have a scalping strategy that goes for small profits of 10-20 pips. You need a high modelling quality of at least 99%. With this Tick Data Suite you can achieve this 99% modelling quality backtest. MT4 does not store the ticks. It only stores the M1 data with the open, close, high and low. When it comes to generating the ticks within the minute, it uses interpolation which is just an approximation. In the standard MT4 backtest, the spread is fixed and slippage is not taken into consideration. But you know as a professional trader that slippage is an important part of everyday trading. Using this Tick Data Suite, it will help you perform a much better appraisal of your trading strategy. You can include slippage in your backtesting and make them more realistic.