Verified FX Managed Signals Made 381.1% in 7 Months Of Real Money Live Trading!

Verified FX is a new automated forex signals service that is being run by professional traders. The team leader is James Stapleton who has an experience of 15 years trading for big money hedge funds. Under him is a team of expert forex traders. Verified FX Signals performance has been posted on the third party sites like MyFXBook and MT4i. Forex Peace Army Site also carries a test of the Verified FX Expert Advisor that you can take a detailed look at.Verified FX Managed Signals made a gain of +381.1% in 7 months on a real money live trading account which comes out to around 52% return per month on average.

The trading system used by the Verified FX team is based on two unique indicators that are used to determine the strength of the trend and then the trend reversals with a high degree of accuracy. Three other standard indicators are also used in filtering the trades. Rest of the information is secret and proprietary. Verified FX team has developed a high quality VFX Trade Copier Software that you can use to copy the trades being made by them on their real money account onto your account.

It is always a good idea to test a new signals service on the demo account first for at least one month. So this is what you should do if you want to test this Verified FX Service. First install the VFX Trade Copier Software on the demo account. Choose your risk level and then let VFX Trade Copier Software copy the trades automatically. Just make sure that you have done the installation correctly.

After one month, check what was the performance on the demo account. If you don’t feel satisfied with the performance of Verified FX Signals, simply get a refund. On the other hand, if the performance is OK and you feel satisfied with the return made during the month while you think the drawdown was not much, you should furVFX Trade Copier Software on a live account with a small deposit of $300-$400 for one more month. If the results are again good and you feel satisfied, you can plan to trade live using these Verified FX Signals with a bigger deposit like $2K-$5K.