Simple Signal Service PipInvestment-Automated Signals From Forex i007 Trading System!

Simple Signal Service PipInvestment is an automated signals serivce. PipInvestment signals are generated by the Forex i007 Trading System.  PipInvestment signals are sent directly to your broker without the intervention of a trading platform as a communication bridge. So you don’t need to install any EA or buy a VPS for trading with the PipInvestment Simple Signal Service. Once a trade is made by the Forex i007 System, the position is copied and sent directly to your MT4 broker within a few milliseconds. The signal hub is hosted in NYC for low latency trading.

PipInvestment Simple Signal Service Specifications:

You will need a minimum deposit of $2K. The risk management has been optimized for a max drawdown of upto 20% meaning 80% of your account equity will be protected. There will be multiple signals on multiple pairs generated by several EAs controlled and monitored by experienced traders. Lot size of 0.01 to 0.1 will be used. You can change the lot size settings however the standard settings of 20%/80% are the recommended ones. You can trade with these PipInvestment signals using any ECN broker. You will provide your account number, account password, broker server IP address and that’s it. After that you don’t need to keep your computer on.

Forex i007 is an automated trading system that uses a number of EAs to generate signals. The demo trading and live trading results of this PipInvestment Simple Signal Service have been posted on the myfxbook. You can take a detailed look at these third party verified results.  The results of a live account posted on myfxbook shows a monthly gain of 23.06% with a drawdown of 18.71%.  The demo trading results posted on myfxbook are showing a monthly gain of 200% with a drawdown of  1.59%. These huge differences between the demo trading results and the live trading results are due to the re-qoutes and the problem of slippage that is present on a live account. It should also tell you that demo trading performance is not guaranteed to be replicated on a live account. These EAs have been optimized for a specific strategy. Infact Forex i007 system uses 7 intelligent strategies to produce long term stability. These strategies are:

Scalping: This is a complex algorithm that uses Stochastic Oscillator coupled with  a price pattern matching alongwith momentum and volatility to make entry and exit when the market conditions are met and aims for 4-15 pips per trade.

Swing: This algorithm identifies the support and resistance for making a swing trade using momentum and price patterns when conditions are met for a high reward to risk trade.

Counter Trend: This algorithm identifies the support and resistance using candlestick patterns as a filter and also detects slowing of momentum using volume analysis and average true range to make a counter trade.

News: This algorithm uses a semi automated trend line trading system.

Breakout: This algorithm identifies a period of consolidation poised for a breakout.

Range: This algorithm has been optimized for range trading.

Trend: This algorithm uses consolidation, volume spread analysis and volatility to determine retracement after momentum.

 Testing Simple Signal Service Pip Investment

As we always keep on pointing out, never trade live with a new signal service before testing it thoroughly on your demo account. The PipInvestment signal service comes with 60 days of no questions asked money back guarantee. First test these signals on a demo account. Use your own risk management settings and see how it changes the return vs the drawdown.  Take a detailed look at the 7 trading strategies used by the Forex i007 System. Take a detailed look at the performance stats posted on myfxbook. There are three separate algorithms performing the scalping trades. You can monitor these scalping trades with Magic-stoch_LC, stoch_L, stoch_N. In the same manner you can monitor the swing trades with Magic-rsi and the counter trend trades with Magic-cci. Do a testing of your own on the demo account. After thoroughly testing the PipInvestment Signals for at least two months on a demo account make your decision. Go for a refund if you are not satisfied. In case, you are satisfied, you will need a minimum deposit of $2K to trade live with PipInvestment Simple Signal Service.


  • Holmes Stephen

    February 6, 2012

    Is it always advisable to scalp the market?

    • admin

      March 21, 2012

      It depends on the market condition.